Using Art to Express Yourself

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What is Exprecious?

Exprecious = Expression + Precious

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy designed for anyone who feels the need to exteriorize his or her feelings. We find that creativity is a way to do that.

Sometimes, words fall short to express how you feel. Screaming, moving, painting or shaping, and role play are examples of techniques that can be used during our sessions.

You do not need to have difficulties expressing yourself to find that non verbal techniques are often easier to express your feelings.

  • Theatre and Psychodrama
  • Dance and Movement
  • Visual and Plastic Arts
  • Music

Target Groups

Adults, Youth, Kids Above Age 4

In other words, anyone who encounters a difficult moment in life

The educational and social sector

Health centers, addiction centers, special education support centers, schools, nurseries

Team buildings for companies

Courses can be one day or more, with themes like communication, conflict management

Birthday Parties and Holiday Activities

Parties for kids. Activities will be in the form of games, dances, role plays, and drawings

About Valerie Popowski

I graduated from high school in 1998 from the Hogeschool Provincie Antwerpen (Highschool in Antwerp). After being partially raised by my deaf grandparents, I interned at a psychiatric institute where I worked with autistic children, children with ADHD, and victims of incest. I worked at a medical-educational institute conducting children with learning and or physical disabilities, assisted abused women at shelter, and worked at a family planning center. In 2001, I worked at Child Focus as a consultant in missing children. I started Exprecious in 2013.

Limited time only!

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